Not Staying Warm? Give Us a Call to Fix Your Boiler

If your boiler seems to be battling itself to try and keep your home or office warm, there may be an issue that has to be solved. 

We can inspect and repair your boiler or install a brand-new unit if necessary, so that your space has optimal heat at all times.

Zone Control Made Simple

Boiler controls and zone controllers allow for completely optimized boiler operation and the right temperatures for your home.
High Altitude Heating & Air can repair boiler controls, control panels, and other accessories related to your boiler to ensure it's in full working order.

Boiler Experts

  • Leak repairs
  • High-efficiency boilers
  • Conventional boilers
  • Gas boilers
  • Steam boilers
  • Oil boilers
  • Hot water boilers
We can complete our services the same day. Call us today!
FREE estimates are available. Call us today!
Trust a licensed, bonded, and insured company to handle all of your boiler repairs.
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